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Bar code, as a means of commodity identification, has been widely used in the world; as a producer, bar code can make your goods better enter the major online and offline consumption platforms, and consumers can identify the goods according to the barcode, which not only protects the rights and interests of consumers, but also can virtually enhance the trust of consumers on your products , is more conducive to the development of the company and the establishment of the brand; in today's booming era of information development, various commodity identification programs carried by intelligent mobile devices enable consumers to pay more attention to the identification of commodities. It can be said that the commodity identification codes represented by bar codes have become an indispensable link in commodity sales!

The bar code processing is managed by GS1, and the standard is formulated uniformly. The specific processing is implemented in the corresponding bar code centers of various countries. Nowadays, the internationally popular bar codes are generally divided into ean and UPC. The ean code length is generally 13 bits, which is mainly used in Asia and Europe, while UPC code length is generally 12 bits, mainly used in North America (USA and Canada) )。

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is usually processed from 5 days to 35 days. A few unexpected or uncontrollable effects may

 lead to a prolonged cycle.

1. Name and address of the applicant (corresponding English translation is required for foreign barcode);

2. Full name, telephone number, email address and address of the person in charge of the barcode;

3. 1-2 main product names;

4. The blank place of the company's business license shall be stamped with official seal (scanning copy and copy);

Generally, 1-10000 barcodes are obtained after processing, and the service life is generally 1-3 years (depending on the 

specific country / region). When the number of barcodes is insufficient, you can apply for increment. After reaching the 

service life, you can apply for renewal

1. A single bar code can only be used for a single kind of commodity. The single type of commodity here includes the 

replacement of packaging and the form of sale. For example, for a peanut milk beverage you produce, the bar code used

 on the bottle is 001. If you package the beverage in 6 bottles, if 6 bottles of the beverage are packed into one piece, 

then the product packaged in one piece should be regarded as another commodity On the outer package of the beverage,

 the 001 on the bottle should not be used, but should be replaced with another barcode, such as 002 (001 can still be used

 on the inner single bottle of beverage);

2. In the actual use, the barcode should follow the use criteria, the magnification factor is generally 0.8 to 2.0, and black 

and white printing should be selected as far as possible. The position of barcode on the commodity packaging should be

 clear, avoiding printing at the packaging interface, folding and perforation. When the surface of the tag and label is flat, 

it can also be printed on the tag and label;

3. When using bar code, timely record and fill in the commodity information corresponding to the bar code. Generally 

speaking, the information in the barcode center may have a certain lag. In order not to affect the normal sale of your 

goods, it is recommended to fill in the information in advance;

The bar code processing requirements of different countries / regions are different, and the processing procedures and

 time are also different

Country (region)Processing time(working day)Barcode quantity (first time)useful age
Hong Kong5-810001、2
New Zealand15-20
South Korea10-15

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